Nutrition and mental clarity are linked. However, mass production methods have diluted the micronutrient content in our food. Are our balanced diets undernourishing our bodies and brains? For instance, it now takes three apples to match the iron content of one from 1940. Supermarkets prioritise convenience and profit, leading to nutrient decline and environmental harm.

Join us as we explore the complicated world of nutrients, supplements and more! Understand which foods are nutritionally depleted due to over-cropping or over-processing and learn the truths and myths behind supplements. Build your high-performance, sustainable nutrition plan to nourish your body, maximise brain power, and look after our world – without breaking the bank!

Your people will learn:

  • Understand the impact of over-cropping and over-processing on nutrition and the environment
  • Discover truths and myths about supplements
  • Learn how to make easy, healthy, eco-friendly choices and build your own nutrition plan
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