A good night’s sleep is essential for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. There is ample evidence that lack of sleep leads to short-term and long-term detrimental effects on health and wellbeing. In fact, sleep deprivation affects our biology and has a severe negative impact on our psychology. No aspect of our biology is left unscathed by sleep deprivation. Sleep loss costs the UK economy over £34bn a year in lost revenue, or 1.8% of GDP (RAND Europe, 2023).

Join us for a practical session that will support you in quickly putting strategies for best sleep practices into place so you can be alert and remain at the top of your game. This session will combine research findings from various scientific disciplines, including psychology and neuroscience, to give insight into why sleep is crucial for short- and long-term health and our ability to perform and succeed. We will also explore strategies to help reduce the negative impact of poor sleep and improve cognitive recovery.

Your people will learn:

  • Importance of sleep for cognitive performance and productivity
  • How sleep cycles work, and how many hours of sleep are needed for optimum performance
  • Explore strategies to get a better night’s sleep
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Feel Good can immerse your people in this topic either as a single session or as a behaviour change programme.

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We can cater for any audience type, from Senior Leaders to employees and HR teams.

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