Whilst most businesses aim to provide the ‘healthy job’, the shifting landscape and volatile working environment of the 21st century doesn’t always produce such a climate. As a result, many are increasingly more stressed, depressed and anxious, with work-related stress now the most common workplace illness.

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of personal and team resilience qualities. Resilience qualities are those attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, and skills that you can develop which will enable you not just to survive in the face of challenges, pressures or adversity but thrive.

In this workshop, you will have an opportunity, drawing on your experiences, to look at what is unique to you, your situation, your supports and your strategies. This will equip you to decide on practical actions enabling you to take charge of your physical, mental and emotional energy, helping you to maintain and build your resilience, especially through challenging times.

Your people will learn:

  • Redefining what resilience means to you – breaking the cycle
  • Protect energy by establishing boundaries around unavoidable energy-depleting demands
  • Adopting practical strategies to better protect and sustain resilience
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Feel Good can immerse your people in this topic either as a single session or as a behaviour change programme.

  • Virtual Workshop
  • In-office Workshop


We can cater for any audience type, from Senior Leaders to employees and HR teams.

  • Employees

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