When we look at how change happens organically and sustainably, whether in nature or in organisations, it always happens through a process of osmosis. To transform hearts, minds, cultures, and behaviours, organisations must mobilise those who wield the greatest influence over their peers, especially within hard-to-reach communities, and make incremental but consistent changes.

The Change Champions are the driving force behind shaping your organisation’s vision for the future. They possess the unique ability to inspire and empower others, facilitating the adoption of novel ways of thinking and doing. The most successful Change Champions are well-versed in the psychology of change. They harness this knowledge to craft adaptive strategies that catalyse social movements within their networks.

Your people will learn:

  • Understand the social psychology of change and make change stick
  • Learn about the role of peer relationships in helping shift mindsets and encourage new behaviours
  • Discover how you can influence the direction of change in your organisation by working with systemic forces
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Feel Good can immerse your people in this topic either as a single session or as a behaviour change programme.

  • In-office Workshop
  • Virtual Workshop


We can cater for any audience type, from Senior Leaders to employees and HR teams.

  • Influencers

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