If you had the chance to peer into a crystal ball that could unveil your risk for heart disease, breast cancer, or Alzheimer’s, would you take a peek? Would you trust the predictions, and would you be willing to alter your behaviour to prevent or reduce your disease risk?

These are the questions we must consider as we step into the era of genomic medicine, which empowers us to understand the potential encoded in our genes. It’s widely acknowledged that our genes are not fortune-tellers but more like the probabilities in next week’s weather forecast. Recognising the inherent uncertainty in polygenic scores is crucial, as this uncertainty provides us with an opportunity to take action.

For many complex diseases, our behaviour and responses, including diet and therapeutic interventions, are as influential as our genes in shaping our health outcomes. We possess the power to prevent or alter the course of disease. This session will equip you with the knowledge to leverage genetic testing information in support of your long-term health goals, enabling immediate action. The future of your health is within your control.

Your people will learn:

  • Understand the strengths and limitations of genetic testing
  • Identify which tests currently offer the most valuable information
  • Learn how to counteract gene-related issues through epigenetic approaches
  • Discover practical dietary and lifestyle factors proven to influence gene expression
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