“Thank you for the 6-week sprint programme. People found it very engaging & beneficial.”

In the midst of a high pressure and uncertain period during the first lockdown, multinational law firm Baker McKenzie were looking for ways to boost the wellbeing & support the recovery of their people by empowering them with expert advice, knowledge and tools to protect their physical and mental health.

Together, we co-designed a 6-week wellbeing & resilience experience that gave their people a period of immersion training across a range of topics and resulted in being one of the most engaged with learning programmes in Baker McKenzie history.

As lockdown was initiated, the very diverse range of Baker McKenzie employees suddenly found themselves at home and isolated. As is common in the Law profession, challenging days with long hours, now at home, only increased the potential exposure to burnout and poor mental health.

Baker McKenzie were proactive in supporting their people and reached out to Feel Good to co-create a wellbeing programme that energised and empowered their people to flourish – through this extended period working from home.

There was just one issue to overcome; time. Baker McKenzie lawyers’ time is money; carving out time for a wellbeing programme had to be worthy of an investment of time.

High-impact learning in just 6-weeks.

Working alongside Baker McKenzie we designed & launched a fully bespoke 6-week sprint to energise, educate & inspire their people with a high-impact experience.

Together, we explored topics such as resilience, mental health, sleep, movement and financial wellbeing. We chose an extensive list of topics to provide broad appeal to a diverse group of people and requirements across the organisation.

Each session was personalised to the unique culture at Baker McKenzie to ensure messages were relevant and spoke their language.

“We really liked how the speaker kept linking it back to Bakers and making it very real and live, so it was great you could incorporate these messages.”

Additionally, we supported the internal team heavily with a highly-engaging communication & engagement programme which was key to achieving record levels of attendance of the Sprint.

With 100 – 260+ people attending every session, the programme was deemed a huge success and its impact long lasting.

“It’s great that the ‘same old wellbeing stuff’ isn’t just being regurgitated, and instead the advice is actually thoughtful and relevant.” – Baker McKenzie Employee