“Feel Good are a real pleasure to work with, they are positive, creative, supportive, and resourceful, and from my experience have access to some really great experts who are equally engaging and dynamic.”

Johnson Matthey were looking for a creative partner to bolster their employee wellbeing and encourage fitness amongst their global workforce during Covid-19. With offices spread over Europe, Asia and the US, the Global Step Challenge would get people walking to each office from their own home.

This is the story of how we drove a 500% increase in sign-ups for the initiative and helped increase the overall step count by 35%.

Johnson Matthey needed to drive awareness for their Global Step Challenge initiative amongst their 13,000 global employees. Although JM was sponsoring the initiative with a charitable donation, getting people to sign-up and then complete the challenge was still a tall order.

Elite sports coaching. For all 13,000 employees.

To lead the project, we brought in Elite Sportsman & Scientist Dr Colin Robertson to deliver a series of live workshops, open to all JM employees, to share Olympian-level hacks on Nutrition, Movement & Rest – while building awareness of the Global Step Challenge initiative.

Each live workshop drove a 100% increase in sign-ups.

To accompany the 6-week Global Step Challenge journey, we launched the ‘Walk with Colin’ podcast series; with weekly 20-minute/1 mile episodes exploring goal setting, motivation, physical & mental preparation, and more. We created promotional trailer videos, visuals and long-read articles to reach JM employees on different channels and drive engagement.

The ‘Walk with Colin’ podcast series has so far been listened to 2,500 times.