The session will help leaders take a long-term approach to creating a culture of positive mental health that will fuel high-performing teams.

The workshop takes the supportive conversations framework a step further, offering valuable insights and examples on how to have coaching conversations that help build individual mindsets that will help people cope with pressure. It helps root the learning in day-to-day experiences by exploring common challenges, such as the intersection between mental health and performance, and how to have conversations about this.

Your leaders will explore systemic influences on mental health in the organisation and will understand how to revamp day-to-day work practices together with their teams to ensure they build healthy cultures and reduce the risk of mental health problems at work.

Your people will learn:

  • How to follow-up and provide ongoing support to someone who is struggling
  • How to evolve key moments that matter on the employee lifecycle, including performance reviews, to take into account the whole person and their health
  • How to create positive, healthy change to high-performance working practices, such as workload management and team collaboration
  • Coaching techniques to empower your people to build mindsets that underpin good mental health
  • Tangible ways to overcome cultural barriers or norms that are getting in the way of positive mental health
  • Discuss what to do when a mental health challenge is impacting team or individual performance
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Feel Good can immerse your people in this topic either as a single session or as a behaviour change programme.

  • Virtual Workshop
  • In-office Workshop


We can cater for any audience type, from Senior Leaders to employees and HR teams.

  • Managers
  • Leaders

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