“I personally learned a lot, which is helpful from a personal and a leadership perspective. Thanks for running this, it was really insightful and valuable.”

British Business Bank has gone from start-up to grown-up in just a few years after it was founded in 2014. After a great chapter of growth, they approached Feel Good to co-create a wellbeing programme to support their people every month as a permanent fixture.

Together, we co-designed a bespoke Sharpen Your Edge series for their people, a tailored version of our flagship 12-month wellbeing programme to meet the specific needs of their people.

The objective was to support their mental health strategy by immersing their people in a live wellbeing programme powered by inspiring expert-led speakers who have a dedicated following.

British Business Bank were starting out at the beginning of their wellbeing journey and wanted to support their people with a credible, scientifically-based, holistic wellbeing programme delivered by qualified experts, as they expanded their operations to support a fast growing number of UK businesses.

With this new chapter of growth, British Business Bank was looking for a long term strategic-change partner who could support them with fresh ideas and content that would continue to engage their people through changing times, across multiple offices, each month, with a high-impact live learning experience that would evolve as they grew.

Whilst the HQ is in London, the programme was designed to be inclusive of those in Sheffield and beyond, and provide a fun, collaborative and interactive experience that would resonate across their fast growing high-performance culture.

Monthly live & in-house wellbeing experiences.

Feel Good and the British Business Bank team got our thinking caps on. We identified a unique set of challenges and designed a bespoke series of Sharpen Your Edge workshops that would offer wellbeing solutions tailored to their people’s needs. A unique combination of live virtual sessions together with in-house experiential learning sessions; like smoothie clinics, cooking classes and more ensured that different learning styles were catered for.

The live and in-house programme has been identified as one of the most popular learning programmes at the British Business Bank and has become a longstanding regular fixture in their wellbeing programme.

Every month, people are immersed in sessions covering Nutrition, Sleep, Mental Health, Movement, Resilience, Financial wellbeing, Mindfulness and more.

The programme has been run for 2+ years, with speakers having a dedicated following at British Business Bank and have developed a strong rapport with their people. Many regulars attend all our sessions just to hear from their favourite speakers.

“Really well run session on what can be a very challenging topic to talk about. I personally learned a lot, which is helpful from a personal and a leadership perspective. Thanks for running this session, it was really insightful and valuable.”