We feel relieved, aware, and ready to tackle any challenge when we’re mentally fit. However, excessive digital device use and distractions overload our minds. With constant access to social media and digital interruptions, we’re always “switched on”. Over time, this constant connectivity affects our focus, well-being, and social energy.

Join us to create a plan to help you regain control over your mental focus. Bring your pen, paper and determination, get engaged and decide how you will move from a state of cognitive overload into a state of mental clarity. Explore the principles of digital minimalism and learn how to retrain your focus and improve your productivity.

Your people will learn:

  • Understand and apply digital minimalism to your life
  • Create a practical action plan for the next three months
  • Establish boundaries, refocus your attention, and cultivate mental ease
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Feel Good can immerse your people in this topic either as a single session or as a behaviour change programme.

  • In-office Workshop
  • Virtual Workshop


We can cater for any audience type, from Senior Leaders to employees and HR teams.

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