The Feel Good experts showed great passion and enthusiasm. The brilliant interaction with customers brought the programme to life.

The much loved Swedish retail giant IKEA approached Feel Good via our partners at BWP Group to provide a series of in-store wellbeing experiences for their customers across 24 stores.

The British high street has suffered enormously since the pandemic forced the country into lockdown. With so many of us now working from home, transforming our spaces into wellbeing-first environments is essential.

This has presented a unique opportunity for IKEA. However, customers are still anxious about returning to physical stores and many still need to be educated on what’s possible at home.

This is the story of how Feel Good provided a nationwide in-store wellbeing experience for hundreds of IKEA customers across the UK in 24 stores covering 5 different areas of wellbeing.

Getting customers back into stores post-pandemic

Customers have anxieties about returning to stores after lockdown, and many of us have learnt that our home environment is essential to our personal wellbeing.

IKEA needed a solution that not only eased people’s anxieties around being back in stores, but also educated their customers on the benefits of home-furnishings that are beneficial for their wellbeing.

Turn IKEA stores into walk-in wellbeing hubs

24 stores were chosen for this wellbeing-rollout, with 1 wellness expert assigned to each store. Every Feel Good expert has several years of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness, and facilitated a series of 1 hour workshops for IKEA customers in-store.

Each workshop provided IKEA customers specialist advice in 5 key areas of wellbeing: sleep, digital detoxes, home workouts, nutrition and nature. This included a short yoga session, giving examples of exercises to do at home to mitigate tight muscles from working at home, followed by a mindfulness exercise to prepare the body and mind for a state of rest, to wind down for sleep. The sessions were received fantastically, with every one of the events across 24 stores receiving a 5* rating.

“The Feel Good experts showed great passion and enthusiasm. The brilliant interaction with customers brought the wellbeing rollout to life.”