Fractious relationships with managers or clients can make the workplace feel draining. Whether you feel they are micromanaging you, being disorganised or overly critical, due to their seniority, we often feel we have no control over the situation.

We also tend to spend more time thinking about our problems with managers than our problems with our peers and juniors. All in all, tricky managers with relationships can increase workplace stress, make us less productive and even lead to resignation.

But guess what? You’ve got a lot more control than you think. You can break unhealthy work dynamics, increase career satisfaction and prospects, and build smoother relationships. How? Managing and negotiating upwards.

When done well, managing upwards makes your job (and your manager’s) a lot easier. It starts with accepting that your manager is human, and they will have strengths and limitations, just like everyone else. We can make a huge difference by aligning with their strengths and adapting to their weaknesses. Relationships with managers are dynamic and they can be changed from the bottom-up.

Learn the best methods of communication for different types of managers and clients. Understanding your manager simplifies instruction-receiving, reduces confusion and ultimately facilitates you in meeting your performance goals. Improve your working environment and fast-track your career!

Your people will learn:

  • Identify the key do’s and don’ts when managing and influencing upwards from an expert hostage negotiator
  • Understand your manager and how best to communicate what you need for success
  • Recognise and reduce potential conflicts and discover how to remain focused and detached should any conflict arise
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