We’ve come a long way in recognising the needs of parents at work. Now in an ageing population, it’s time to help those caring for elders or risk losing experienced and talented staff. Forward-thinking organisations have already started implementing policies to retain staff who care. The government is now urging employers to consider, understand and accept that more and more employees will be faced with caring for an ageing population as time progresses.

As elderly people need care, their adult children adopt these important caring responsibilities. Six thousand people take on caring responsibilities daily– over 2 million new carers annually. And unfortunately, half of all British carers must balance their caring duties alongside their day jobs.

You can be productive at work while still giving your ageing parents the care and attention you would love to give them. Join us for an active discussion to share ideas with like-minded colleagues to juggle the balance between our day jobs and supporting elderly parents most effectively.

Your people will learn:

  • Explore common challenges when balancing your professional responsibilities with caregiving duties
  • Learn how you can build a system of support and use technology to your advantage
  • Discover a variety of self-care practices and the importance of maintaining personal wellbeing as a carer
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