Become one step closer to becoming a Britain’s Healthiest Workplace. This session has been developed based on the rigorous methodology that gets to the heart of what people want and expect from their working lives. These 8 factors look at a set of patterns, connections and correlations of employee responses from the latest findings in the prestigious Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces 2017.

Rarely do leaders get promoted on their ability to manage people but rather because of their skillset. Yet, effective leaders will tell you how important it is to manage their people and their needs, not just their tasks. A paradigm shift needs to occur in leadership towards recognizing that people have a range of complex physical, mental, and emotional needs that need to be met. Failing to do so will lead to lower effectiveness, increased mental exhaustion and emotional burnout.

“Britain’s Healthiest Workplace said that half of employees surveyed reported that stress was due to unrealistic time pressure and demands due to poor management: treating people badly, not being socially aware when people aren’t coping and giving them unmanageable workloads.”

Making this shift will lead to sustainable performance and energy because treating people as whole human beings, not just skilled workers make it possible for them to apply those skills at work. Work engagement is the willingness to invest discretionary effort on the job, to go the extra mile, and the sense of commitment that makes a person show up with more motivation. How do we support our people in being willing and able to engage? As leaders, learning how to mindfully manage your own physical, mental and emotional energy will help you better manage the energy of those you lead.

Join us to become a more mindful leader. This high impact thought-provoking and game-changing session will challenge everyone to consider and learn new people strategies to support creating a work environment that leads to a fully energized and happy workforce.

Your people will learn:

  • Understand the key methodology and factors that increase engagement and create a happy workforce.
  • How to mindfully manage physical, mental and emotional energy to help you better manage the energy of those you lead.
  • Key strategies to boost performance and motivation in teams.
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