Amidst the demands of our busy lives, the joy of parenthood can often be overshadowed. As parents, we play a vital role in shaping our children’s lives, teaching them crucial coping skills and life lessons. However, when work stress and personal pressures collide, it becomes challenging to be our best selves, exhibit patience and empathy, and support our loved ones.

Juggling the expectations of being a manager at work and a role model at home can be exhausting. Are you prioritising your own wellbeing? Do you have sufficient emotional support?

We address children’s common mental health challenges, exploring their causes and enhancing our understanding of their experiences. You’ll have time to reflect and plan your next steps toward fostering a more supportive and nurturing home environment for you and your kids. We will also discuss ways to support your children while maintaining self-care.

Your people will learn:

  • Understand the mental and emotional stressors children are likely to experience in the present day
  • Recognise some of the key needs of children and how you can support them
  • How to interrupt current routines that are not working optimally and get your children to listen more
  • How you can be an authentic role model for your children while considering your own needs and wellbeing
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