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Sharpen Your Edge Wellbeing Programme 2022


Solve your performance & wellbeing challenges

Sharpen Your Edge is your strategic mental health wellbeing workshop programme, a 12-month series of workshops focusing on the key business issues that are impacting people’s performance. Bring wellbeing front of mind every month with our 60-minute live expert-led interactive workshops, delivered virtually & in-office, tackling the four key strategic business challenges through our impactful approach to learning.



Designed for 2022 & beyond

Our gold standard Sharpen Your Edge programme makes light work for you by identifying the key four performance & wellbeing challenges that have been deemed the most essential to your organisation by our team of psychologists & solutions experts.

All sessions are 60 minutes & can be delivered live or on-demand, virtual & in-office.



Live workshops with storytelling at their core

Our 2022 live interactive workshops challenge & empower your people to think differently and embrace change through providing a collaborative, interactive, and safe space for learning and sharing.



More inspired action

In 2021, we introduced elements of theatre to our workshops to reduce zoom fatigue and bring isolated colleagues together in a fun, collaborative environment.

This year, it’s all about building on that winning formula, with a greater focus on combining the science with winning stories by inspiring guest speakers to inspire deeper action.

We call this: More inspired action.



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