The summer has arrived giving businesses and people a chance to reflect and recharge. However, many businesses have been struggling. Economic disturbance demands greater innovation. People are reporting greater mental health challenges. And budgets are squeezed.

☀️ The good news for people & organisations is that summer is here and provides plenty of benefits and opportunities.

To support organisations through this, Feel Good has created a very sunny guide: Summer Recovery: How to support those most at risk through the summer months.

Watch the 106-second report summary video below by Senior Solutions Designer Andreea Faluvegi to get to grips with what the guide entails.


The guide digs into how organisations can capitalise on this opportunity with the latest data, insights and practical strategies and solutions to ensure your people recover effectively this summer.


  • How to recover from the new burnout and maximise recovery
  • Supporting Families and Carers by helping them feel seen, and heard and offering practical solutions to build family resilience
  • Addressing long-term physical health challenges, such as chronic pain or blood pressure
  • How to build more supportive teams through greater collaboration, innovation & inclusivity.

Download your copy today and dig into how you can utilise Feel Good’s multi-modal approach to learning, including live workshops, podcasts, live panels and more to engage, motivate & inspire your people over the coming summer months ☀️.


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