For our final event of 2022, Feel Good was joined by leaders from Deloitte, The Body Shop, and City Mental Health Alliance for a live panel exploring the winning global strategies that are reducing mental health stigma in the workplace.

The panellists shared real-world business case studies from their own organisations, as well as insights, research and practical tips for our fantastic community of HR leaders who joined us on November 22nd, 2022.



The 60-minutes broken down:

  1. Introduction by Feel Good’s CEO, Leanne Rigby
  2. Introductions by Jill Williams, Organsiational Psychologist, Feel Good
  3. MH Stigma today: How it evolved and what’s been driving those changes?
  4. How can you be balanced and inclusive with a global strategy?
  5. What is the role of the organisation & its leaders in providing mental health support?
  6. What’s next? Planning for 2023


Reports referenced by panellists: 

Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey
Lancet Report
Deloitte Global | Mental Health stories
Deloitte Global | What’s really on your mind?

Thriving at Work Global Framework (
Mental Health and Race (
WHO Global Guidelines on Workplace Mental Health

Global Business Collaboration on Workplace Mental Health


Your panellists:

  1. Chair: Jill Williams, Organisational Psychologist, Feel Good
  2. Tim Ackroyd, Global Talent Manager, Ex-Head of Engagement & Wellbeing, Deloitte
  3. Nathan Andres, Global Wellbeing Leader, Body Shop
  4. Alison Unsted, CEO, City Mental Health Alliance