We are in the midst of a global mental health and wellbeing crisis. The negative impact of poor wellbeing on both individual and organisational outcomes are well documented and understood. Businesses and regulators have responded by pushing mental health and wellbeing up the corporate agenda and the approach to wellbeing is rightly shifting from being treated as a “nice to have” perk to a strategic imperative.

The genuine desire to tackle this issue is apparent and action is being taken. The Corporate Wellness Market* size value in 2022 was $55.1 billion and is forecast to grow to $74.9 billion by 2030. Despite the increased prioritisation, people, societies, businesses and organisations continue to suffer for myriad reasons. So the critical question that must be answered is: in a complex and constantly evolving landscape, how can organisations create lasting and impactful change, change that will lead to better people and business outcomes?

At Feel Good we are fuelled by our mission to guide our clients in recognising the opportunities that lie within the challenges. Despite the worrying statistics, personal anecdotes and global headlines, we are hopeful for the future. The positive news is that organisations are uniquely placed to play a key role in the solution, to make a real difference.