Astrid Merkt

Performance Psychologist

BSc in Psychology , BSc in Human Kinetics, Master of Counselling Psychology - Health and Sport Psychology


Activator of human potential and soul


Helping people’s dreams come true by bridging practices of eastern philosophy of breath and energy with western research-based neuroscience

Previous Life

Global ski instructor, lifeguard and yoga master


Astrid Merkt is a Performance Psychologist, with 15 years of experience in combining mental health and human potential optimization. With a background in developmental psychology and exercise science, she brings a breath of fresh air into the corporate ecosystem to educate and provide real time tools to accelerate performance and spark transformation.

Using holistic well-being solutions, her focus lies in creating a positive relationship to stress within fast-paced and demanding environments. Her proven methods result in reduced anxiety, depression and burnout to create a healthy work culture of growth. Her mission is to empower individuals and teams to sharpen productivity and focus, increase emotional and relational intelligence, foster effective communication and boost resilience by eliminating energy blockers and navigating challenges with precision. This allows teams to differentiate between performance challenges and mental health issue.

Astrid emphasizes the role of physical activity, habit formation, and inner narratives in addressing lack of motivation, sleep problems, imposter syndrome, and lack of clarity. She has been a guest speaker on these topics for RYHK radio, OWN Academy, LVMH, FEW, AXA and ISF. Astrid also helped mentally prepare and support an ex-military team to set up a charity focused expedition to Antarctica during the challenging times of Covid.

Astrid Merkt has a diverse cultural background having lived all over the globe providing well-being solutions to corporates, teaching yoga, living with Monks in Japan and Sri Lanka and providing counselling in-person and virtually. In addition to her use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mind-Body Integration and Conflict Resolution she has additional training as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practitioner and Meditation Teacher. Trained as a Buteyko Method Breath Instructor and holotropic breath facilitator she integrates her unique blend of academic credentials to awaken heart-centered leadership and impact positive change within organizations. Astrid believes that you can be ambitious while reclaiming time and harmony for your personal life to perform at your peak mind, body and performance.

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