May Mental Health Awareness Week is just around the corner. The theme is Anxiety: the world’s most common mental health issue.

With Millennials and Gen Z reporting the highest levels of stress and anxiety, tackling anxiety is the opportunity of a generation that will represent over 60% of the working population by 2025.


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To help you get the most out of this year’s awareness week, we’ve created a practical solutions guide exploring:

  • How anxiety is perceived & experienced in the global workplace.
  • Strategies for tackling anxiety & driving change on awareness weeks.
  • Methods to engage your Millennial and Gen Z workforce.
  • A solutions roadmap to help you choose the right topics to drive the greatest impact.

Here you will find relevant topics on preventing burnout, rest and recovery, sleep, and mental health essentials, delivered across multiple modes including curated panel discussions, live streams, video snacks, podcasts, and toolkits.

If you are an HR professional or people leader, this guide will help you drive the greatest impact on May Mental Health Awareness Week 2023.