The past two years have tested the collective resilience of many businesses and proven just how adaptable we can be. While organisations will experience their own unique hurdles, research shows the following challenges are pervasive:

  1. An increased pressure to perform
  2. Additional tensions between departments & people
  3. A need to adapt and innovate despite disruption

Moving forward, the common denominator differentiating successful businesses from others is clear, and it starts with the human experience. Previously, investing in mental wellbeing was considered a perk. Now, it is the driving force that will set organisations apart.

‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option, with regulatory standards (ISO 30415, 45003) and shareholders demanding faster cultural progress in organisational wellbeing.

In this in-depth 21-page report, Feel Good’s leading experts Organisational Psychologist, Jill Williams and Solutions Architect, Andreea Faluvegi, with valuable input from industry leaders, explore the opportunity to re-evaluate what your business stands for.

Discover how to use the aforementioned pressures to transform your culture and elevate your workforce to a new level.

What’s included:

  1. What’s happening to organisations around the world?
  2. How are employees feeling?
  3. How are leaders feeling?
  4. What are the key strategic priorities for organisations?
  5. How can Feel Good help you?

New values are being brought to the forefront of organisations; and employee experience, meaning and impact, and wellbeing have become fundamental for success. This report provides you with the research to help shape your organisation’s strategy towards your future golden standard.