Sonali Gupta

Clinical Psychologist

BA Psychology, M.A in Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Counselling Psychology


Ability to write columns, books that help explain and unpack complex emotions and mental health in simple ways and help create a narrative of hope


Working with individuals and leaders so that they can bring their authentic self to work

Previous Life

Consultant with Spotify India on their Project Pause


Mumbai based Sonali Gupta is one of India’s leading clinical psychologists with 19 years of experience. She completed her master’s in clinical psychology from Mumbai university in 2004 and has been working across sectors ever since then.

She won the Elle Mental Health Expert Award for 2023. A category that was created for the first time to celebrate the contribution and impactful work in this field. She works with young adults, artists, couples, and corporates to enhance their emotional wellbeing at the intersection of relationships, grief, and anxiety. She is eclectic in her approach and primarily leans towards human-centered, existential, and compassion-based approaches in my work. She uses family systems approach, dream work, cognitive behavioural, Jungian and principles of Buddhist psychology as and when client concerns require that skill set.
With over 98,000 subscribers, her YouTube channel “Mental Health with Sonali” is one of, if not the, largest for a mental health professional in India. She is passionate about causing a breakthrough and ending the stigma around mental health in India.

She works as a consultant with organizations to build psychologically safe workplaces and develop charters/policies/programmes around mental wellbeing of employees at large. She has partnered with Google, YouTube, Credit Suisse, Sesame Street Workshop, Airbnb, Texas Instruments and Korn Ferry amongst other organizations.

Her first book “Anxiety: Overcome It and Live without Fear” was released in May 2020 on prestigious publisher HarperCollins in both paperback and Kindle. Her second book, which is around Grief to be published by Penguin Random House, India in 2024. She writes a fortnightly column for the Mint Lounge titled ‘Heart of the Matter’ which focusses on love, intimacy, understanding emotions and mental health at large. She writes a fortnightly column titled ‘Adulting Sucks’ for the national daily, Hindustan Times.

She is passionate about causing a breakthrough and ending the stigma around mental health in India. She envisions a world where mental health care is easily available, accessible and affordable for all and hopes to work towards policies that allows for this.

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