Kerry Maloney

Organisational Psychologist & Executive Coach

BSc Psychology, Post Graduate Honours Clinical Psychology, Licensed Psychometric User


High impact and performance through behavioural change and mindset


Breakthrough strategies for high performers & the science of connection

Previous Life

Psychology & global corporate consulting


Kerry is a qualified Psychologist, specialist Executive Coach, and human behaviour expert, focused on delivering outstanding business and culture results. With over 25 years of experience, Kerry specialises in enhancing the resilience, engagement and talent capability of senior executives and their teams. Kerry has a passion for devising creative approaches to people development, corporate wellness, culture change and leadership solutions which target measurable performance improvement.

Kerry works closely with senior C-level executives and their teams to enhance organisational performance using positive psychology strategies and best-practice communication and feedback mechanisms. She facilitates attitude and behavioural change using a comprehensive portfolio, including talent management needs analysis, leadership assessment and development centres, one-to-one cognitive-behavioural coaching, and group workshops.

Kerry is a highly skilled group facilitator, assisting progressive organisations to establish self-managed learning initiatives, mediate high-level conflict, and improve top team dynamics. Through 27 years living and working as an expat, she has adapted her methodologies to diverse cultural contexts including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pacific Islands, West Africa, United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Qatar and Iran.

Since returning to Brisbane, Australia in 2020, Kerry has continued to consult globally, devising mentoring and wellness projects with several high-performance organisations to transform corporate culture towards more agile and customer-centric approaches through collaborative and inclusive leadership and improved performance. She has also established a thriving inner-city psychology practice and in 2022, she was appointed as a Sessional Academic for a leading university where she designs and facilitates corporate workshops and inventions as part of the Graduate School of Business.

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