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Enablers and barriers to supporting others in your teams and the wider organisation
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This session of Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training for Leaders focuses on building confidence and ensuring your leaders feel equipped with a range of scientific & evidence-based skills and techniques that will provide a solid foundation for courageous conversations.

This session builds upon the knowledge leaders recently acquired about holistic mental health. It is designed to help them bring the conversation surrounding mental wellbeing to life through everyday behaviours to create a culture of openness and support.

We will be exploring the key barriers to creating real change and having the conversations that matter, to support your leaders in building a practical plan of action so they can move from theory to results.


  1. Build a toolkit to have conversations that support others with their mental wellbeing confidently.
  2. Learn how to create an environment that encourages openness, honesty, and connection.
  3. Discover how to overcome barriers or blockers that get in the way of supporting others.
  4. Practice coaching-like exercises and conversations to help identify practical next steps when supporting others.
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