World Mental Health Day


With 28% of employees planning to leave their jobs due to mental health issues in 2022, World Mental Health Day is a fantastic opportunity to promote learning to support your people’s mental wellbeing.

Discover and experiment with science-based sessions jam-packed with practical tips delivered through a broad range of topics to appeal to everyone’s needs.

Explore our range of employee and leadership mental health solutions; from Brilliant Minds: Mental Health Training for Leaders to live workshops, podcasts, micro-sessions and mental health coaching.


Mental Health For All
Mental Health For All

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Engage the disengaged with a multimodal approach to learning with podcasts, written resources, storytelling, and blending science with inspiration to drive action.
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Mental Health Workshops

Evolve your people's understanding of mental health & how it drives performance and general health with our live & on-demand workshops.
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Mental Health Podcasts

These 20-minute ‘powershot’ podcasts encourage your people to learn on the move.
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Mental Health Micro-Sessions

These 30-minute high impact sessions are ideal for lunchtime learning and more.
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Keep the momentum going with continuous learning


Live Panels

Panel discussions allow us to draw and share expert opinions and, importantly, root these conversations in issues specific to your organisation.



Engage your people with bespoke written content and resources, ideal for self-paced learning.


Bespoke Video Snacks

Short but powerful video content to send key messages and keep the momentum.


Case studies

Real life examples on how to navigate the most common mental health challenges in your organisation.

Mental Health Coaching


Match your people with expert coaches who will take them on a 4-series coaching programme to hit their goals around Wellbeing, Performance & Mental Health. Holistic, goal-focused Coaching by Feel Good.


Meet the coaches

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Dannielle Haig

Business Psychologist, Executive Coach

Dannielle is a Human Development Specialist, Business Psychologist, Business Coach and Public Speaker with a passion for applying her knowledge & skillset to improving workplaces and the work lives of others.

Dannielle’s academic background specialised in personality traits which are found amongst leaders, executives, CEOs and politicians and therefore spent a significant amount of time investigating their behaviour and thought processes. This experience allowed Dannielle to hone her understanding of executives and confidently carry out training and development in the workplace, using her strong analytical skills to discover areas requiring attention.

MSc Occupational Psychology | MSc Psychology | BA (Hons) | HE Certification Counselling skills | PG Certification Coaching

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Dr Colin Robertson

Male Mental Health Expert, Sports Scientist

Colin has been involved in human performance and sports science his entire professional career. He has become a leading practitioner in the area of endurance sports and has successfully trained athletes for a multitude of extreme endeavours: from a four-man row across the Atlantic, to qualification for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

He is currently the Head of the Athletic Development Centre (Bolton One) and the Research Coordinator of the country’s leading Sports Rehabilitation department at the University of Bolton, where he oversees the largest injury surveillance programme in the world that caters for every Super League team in the country.

Strength and Conditioning Coach (UKSCA) | Accredited Kinanthropometrist (body composition specialist) | Nutritionist

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Jill Williams

Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach

Jill is a qualified Organisational Psychologist who specialises in driving performance by harnessing the power of the mind and body. Jill has worked applying psychology in a broad range of high performance, fast-paced businesses across many commercial sectors.

She specialises in leadership, resilience and the social dynamics within organisations and is passionate about improving the wellness of both individuals and organisations. Jill is constantly reading new research and her facilitation approach helps clients apply great thinking in a simple, sustainable and pragmatic way daily.

MBPsS | MSc Occupational Psychology | Diploma in Transformational Coaching | Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching | Certification in Counselling Skills

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Matt Smeed

Business Psychologist

Matt is an expert in the areas of wellbeing, engagement and resilience in the workplace. He believes that developing the wellbeing of employees is the best way to create healthy high performance, which brings with it a plethora of benefits for both individuals and businesses.

For the last ten years, Matt has worked with hundreds of organisations across the globe. This includes companies in practically every sector, from public sector bodies to businesses in the financial, pharmaceutical and engineering industries, to name but a few.

MBPsS | MSc Occupational Psychology | BSc Psychology | Certified EQi 2.0 facilitator | Qualified Firstbeat Heart Rate Variability coach

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Nina Berezowski

Business Psychologist, Executive Coach

Nina is a qualified Organisational Psychologist, executive coach and facilitator who specialises in helping organisations create cultures of healthy high performance. She has worked in global companies in various sectors, using her psychological training to craft people programmes in leadership, performance, mental health, and wellbeing.

Nina believes that knowing and doing something are two vastly different things and encourages her clients to apply their insight and learning to enable meaningful change. Whether working at the individual, group or organisational level, her work is all about intentional positive change in its many forms.

Master of Commerce in Organisational Psychology | Tavistock Certified | Executive Coaching

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Dr Philippa Spencer

Chartered Psychologist

Philippa is a Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience as a clinician, consultant, coach and educator and has worked for the NHS, charitable and private sectors. She has a longstanding interest in employee well-being with particular expertise in mental health, resilience, burnout and compassionate leadership.

Philippa is also trained in a variety of psychological models meaning she can tailor interventions to meet the specific needs of each individual and has particular skills in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Doctorate (DPsych) Counselling | MSc Counselling Psychology | BSc Hons Psychology

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World Mental Health Day Resources

Report: Gold Standard in Mental Wellbeing Strategy

4th November, 2021

A human-centric mental wellbeing strategy for organisational success. In this in-depth 21-page report, Feel Good’s leading experts Organisational Psychologist Jill Williams and Solutions Architect Andreea...

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