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Mental health training for leaders


Mental health awareness training for leaders

The pandemic presents a mental health challenge beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Across the globe, more people than ever are experiencing mental health difficulties, and based on previous events in history, experts are predicting a significant tail of mental health needs that will continue long after the acute event resolves. 

This, in turn, puts additional stress and pressure on leaders to support their people whilst dealing with their own mental health challenges.

We are now seeing incredible shifts occurring in employees’ attitudes to work, what they expect, and what their intentions are longer term. Two thirds of workers around the world want to work flexibly and one third of those are prepared to quit if forced back to the office full time. How do you support your leaders in these situations? 

With the spotlight firmly on mental health, we now have an opportunity to re-imagine our approach to mental health and wellbeing for leaders and finally start creating workplaces that not only understand and prioritise mental health, but embed it into the foundations.

We can seize this opportunity to ensure that organisational life meets and exceeds the ever-changing expectations of the modern-day workforce.

This calls for a totally new and fresh perspective to mental health training; one that is highly relevant, practical and collaborative. Feel Good is proposing a new course design based on the challenges we see today.



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