Stronger Together: Innovation and the power of diverse thinking

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Success is no longer just about talent, knowledge or skill. Today, it is also about freeing ourselves from the blinkers and blind spots that beset us all and harnessing a critical new ingredient: cognitive diversity. We perceive and interpret the world through frames of reference and often underestimate the extent to which we can learn from people with different points of view.

Pretty much all the most challenging work today is undertaken in groups for one simple reason: problems are too complex for anyone to tackle alone. The most significant trend in human creativity is the shift from individuals to teams. Therefore, we need to think of human performance from a more rounded perspective and that the critical ingredient driving this is termed ‘collective intelligence’.

This session looks at the power of bringing people together who think differently from one another. If we are intent on answering our most serious questions from climate change to poverty, curing new diseases or designing new products, we need to work with people who think differently, not just accurately. This requires us to take a step back and view performance from a fundamentally different vantage point. The danger arises when we overlook the fact that in most areas there are people with different ways of looking at things which explains why demographic diversity (differences in gender, age, class, sexual orientation and religion) can increase group wisdom.

Join us for an enlightening session that proves that diversity can yield more insight, not less and that shared perspectives are richer and more accurate, where the overall picture snaps into focus. We are stronger together.

Key learnings:

  1. Creating cultures of innovation through cognitive diversity
  2. Inclusive behaviours that help the team make the most of cognitive diversity and overcome habitual patterns of thinking
  3. Inclusive behaviours and team practices that improve psychological safety and ignite innovation and continuous improvement