Stress Containers: Our body is our temple

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Our bodies are more than physical vehicles that help us navigate the material world. They are also containers for our feelings, emotions, stressors and worries. However, we don’t often think about decluttering our bodies from the emotional and mental debris we collect throughout the day. Children cry when they are upset, and animals run and shake to release stress. Still, as adults, we must stay focused, happy, and ‘functional’ at all times, to be an example for our children, to be professional at work, and to have good company for our friends and spouses.

However, not releasing the tensions throughout the day can deplete us. It can cause hormonal imbalances, physical pain in our shoulders, stiff joints and mental clutter such as rumination and repetitive thoughts. There are also emotional burdens such as unexpected bursts of sadness, anxiety or fear when we least expect them.

Join us to explore how to slowly release tension and clutter from your body throughout the day to feel more relaxed, energised and present. We will explore easy techniques that you can practice at work but also at home or with your loved ones to help you declutter from the day and bring your body back into balance.

Key learnings:

  1. Understand what type of tension, worry or emotional debris you store through the day
  2. Learn quick tools, such as mindfulness and breathing, to release tension as it comes throughout the day
  3. Explore alternative ways to declutter your mind and body so that you can find the practical solutions that work best for you