Shifting Mindsets: Maximising your adaptability quotient

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With every situation, we have a choice. We can look right – see what’s going well, the opportunities, and the solutions. Or we can look left – see what’s going wrong, the challenges, and the problems. In most cases, we need to look at both sides to get a more rounded picture. Yet many of us keep our heads turned left, especially in times of uncertainty, fear, and when things don’t necessarily go as planned.

We look for the ‘wrong’ and the problems because humans are wired to look for threats. This worked for us centuries ago when we feared being eaten alive. But in the modern world – it can cause us to fall into a constant reactive state, with our brains only lighting up for threats and problems.

In today’s environment, with an ambiguous year ahead, we need a mindset shift. A high adaptability quotient is one of the best survival techniques for the present day. This allows you to be agile in whatever situation is thrown at you.

This session is designed to help people feel more confident, feel a greater sense of control over what happens to them this year, and feel more optimistic about making their year work for them. By shifting your mindset from reactive to proactive thinking, you’ll be able to face any unforeseen hurdle with a positive and constructive attitude. Increase your adaptability quotient, gain new perspectives and create your own possibilities.

Key learnings:

  1. Understand how a simple shift in mindset can maximise your adaptability quotient
  2. Learn how to remain emotionally and mentally charged when things don’t go to plan
  3. Discover how to create a habit of proactive thinking to always find possibilities and new solutions