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When was the last time you skipped lunch because of work worries? Do you ever have back or neck tension? Do you find your breath more shallow when stressed?

Stress and other emotions find a way of storing themselves in our bodies. They can impact our digestive system, our muscles and even the biology and physiology of our brains. In today’s episode, we will be exploring how you can tackle stress hands-on, and work with your body to release the tension, pressure and worry that you store in.

Today’s guest is Katrina Hession, a new mom (aka stress expert), who has had a 15-year career in the TV industry as a producer managing her fair share of stress, big projects, and long hours.

Since re-qualifying as a mindfulness coach and yoga teacher, she has delivered wellbeing workshops to a vast range of companies from banks to ad agencies. She’s FeelGood’s favourite mindfulness coach and enjoys debunking the myth that mindfulness is ‘woo woo’ with practical, science-based content.


Episode Questions: 
  1. What do we mean by stress when we talk about stress containers in the body?
  2. What is actually happening in our bodies when we are stressed?
  3. What is the difference between fascia and muscle tension? How can we tell the difference in our bodies, and what actions can we take to release it?
  4. How can we listen to our body’s stress signals and identify stress in different parts of our body?
  5. What practical things can we do to release stress from the body?
  6. Are cardio exercises good for releasing stress from the body?
  7. How many times and for how long should we do exercises for them to have an impact?
  8. You said stress is often present in the form of unexpressed emotions. What can we do in this context to release emotions?
  9. What is something people can do if they only have 2 minutes?
  10. What is one thing people can do to prevent stress?
Bonus: Guided FOFBOC exercise to get grounded in the moment

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