Negotiating Sideways: Effective communication tactics for teamwork success

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Workplace conflict can leave employees feeling frustrated, less motivated and unhappy. One common type of workplace conflict is personality conflict. Almost everyone in their professional lives will encounter a ‘personality clash’ with someone, finding it difficult to get along with them or understand their way of doing things.

Unsurprisingly, personality conflicts that aren’t effectively managed can lead to undesirable consequences. For the people involved, it can cause a lot of tension and stress, with both parties being in a constant state of alert preparing for the next awkward interaction. For the wider team, the conflict can also drain energy and lower productivity, affecting the morale of other people and even the success of a project.

Workplace personality clashes are inevitable. But they don’t need to cause problems in the workplace if they approach them with the right mindset and tools. By understanding and elevating our relationship intelligence, we can foster good working relationships, leading to more productive people, and greater job satisfaction.

Join us as we explore the mental models that individuals with different personalities or job roles use to relate in their social interactions. With razor-sharp communication tactics and the ultimate radar to recognise potential conflict in your arsenal, you’ll be able to handle conflict of any size, at any time. Navigate your co-working relationships effectively and create an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace.

Key learnings:

  1. Learn how to communicate with those you don’t agree with to create a harmonious team environment
  2. Understanding different mental models and personalities in your workplace
  3. Get empowered to let go of the emotional toll tough work relationships have on you