Grief vs. Depression: Processing loss

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Grief doesn’t happen just when we lose a loved one. Losing pets, possessions, income, health, or even subtle losses like changing jobs or graduating from university can trigger the grief response.

And while grief is a universal experience, it is also highly individual. This workshop explores all the different ways and durations for which we experience grief, and how you can be there for yourself and others through grief.

Key learnings:

  1. Explore the differences between grief, unresolved grief, and depression so you can make more sense of your or your loved one’s experience and get the right help you need
  2. Discover practical and realistic things you can do for yourself to help manage your feelings of grief
  3. Find practical ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts to ensure your response is as supportive as possible to those grieving

Book this workshop for your people

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