Children's Mental Health: Family wellbeing in an 'always-on' society

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The reality of our busy lives can often overshadow the joy of being a parent.

As parents, we are key role models for our children, teaching them important coping and life skills to set them up for the future. However, when work pressure and personal stressors intertwine, it is hard to display our best selves, have patience, practise empathy, and be there to support the ones we love.

Some of us are also managers and are expected to role model best behaviour at work, which can be exhausting when we also have to do this at home with our children. Is there any time left on the agenda for you? Are you receiving adequate emotional support?

In this 30-minute sprint, we will explore some of the most common mental health challenges children are experiencing. We will delve into why these are occurring and how we can better understand children’s experiences.

We will give you time to reflect and map out your next steps in ensuring a more supportive and nourishing home environment for you and your kids. We will also explore how you can support your children without compromising self-care.

Key learnings:

  1. Understand the mental and emotional stressors children are likely to experience in the present day
  2. Recognise some of the key needs of children and how you can support them
  3. How to interrupt current routines that are not working optimally and get your children to listen more
  4. How you can be an authentic role model for your children while considering your own needs and wellbeing

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