Mental health foundations: Having impactful supportive conversations

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As society and work evolve, the pressures we face in our personal and work lives are also increasing. We are now hybrid workers, trying to rediscover how to work whilst dealing with these constant external challenges. This can easily make us feel lonely and take a toll on our mental energy, emotional stamina, and long-term endurance.

Worldwide cases of depression and anxiety were 28% and 26% higher in 2020 than expected if the Covid-19 crisis had not happened – Lancet, 2021.

The science of mental health, human performance, and wellbeing are now blending. Our approach to mental health considers the evolving human and the existing pressures. It brings forth cutting-edge information on building health and performance for long-term success and supporting those around you.

The number one predictor of health is the quality of our relationships. We are stronger together, and supportive relationships can give you the extra edge in times of pressure.

Join us in a practical workshop exploring mental health from a fresh new angle. In the session, we will explore how to improve the quality of your conversations and relationships and how to safeguard your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you.

Key learnings:

  1. Spotting the warning signs in your own & others’ mental health
  2. Practical examples and role-play of how to reach out to a colleague, friend or loved one
  3. How to work with others to make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone

Book this workshop for your people

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