This session is aimed at New Managers

Join our organisational psychologist to learn the crucial skills you need to:

  • Lead your team through change.
  • Keep your people engaged.
  • Motivate them during these constantly evolving times.

Leaders who actively support their teams to thrive during times of change and uncertainty do so by creating a culture of psychological safety, uniting everyone behind an engaging vision of the future and using empathy. This helps individuals deal with the aspects of change that, as part of our human nature, we often find difficult.

The session provides practical advice on how to help others perceive and respond to change positively while managing your responses to change effectively as a leader.

You will get the chance to discuss your own experiences and build your change resilience through strategies for managing your emotions, reframing how you see change, and increasing your energy reserves.

Key learnings:

  1. Learn to create change-resilient teams using a solid foundation of psychological safety
  2. Learn how vision, purpose, and empathy can support people through the change curve (regardless of your attitude towards change)
  3. Build your own change resilience through strategies to manage your emotions, reframe how you see change and increase your energy reserves