Gain Momentum: Utilise your recovery resources to maximise your potential

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Challenge: Tired even though you’ve had enough sleep? Are you exhausted on a Monday after a weekend? This won’t get better by chance. It requires change!

Many people ignore the idea of recovery beyond sleeping and not being at work. But true recovery, and true recharging, goes a lot further. When mastered like the pros – it can completely re-energise your life!

Solution: Dive into the latest recovery hacks, both proactive and passive, that the top athletes and the world’s leaders use for maximum energy. Build sustainable work practices and see improved productivity and increased motivation. Plan recovery into your day and recharge your batteries!

Key learnings:

  1. Understand the latest science around recovery to plan your day more efficiently
  2. Learn passive and proactive ways of recovery
  3. Learn how to build more energy in your body to keep you motivated, refreshed and productive, both at work and in your personal life