Design Your Life: Reimagine a vision for the future

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Design your life by applying human-centred design thinking so you can ideate all the possible ways to have a wonderful, meaningful, and purposeful life. Design thinking is a tried and tested scientific approach used to design award-winning products and patents that we can use to design our own lives.

Many of us have dysfunctional beliefs that hold us back. It turns out that people who believe they are lucky pay attention to what’s going on, so if we apply peripheral vision, opportunities show up. Develop your creative confidence and develop a vision for the future. Join us to find meaning and purpose in your work and life and create a prototype of your own life like engineers and designers do.

At Feel Good we understand that workshop fatigue is real. This is why we have turned to War Horse theatre director Katie Henry to help us transform the virtual workshop and e-learning experience for 2021.

Together we will explore the workshop’s subject matter through play, games, and dynamic techniques from theatre and contemporary performance. We are trialling a new creative process: translating ideas into action and intellectual concepts into physical reaction. Join us: get curious, explore and experiment.

Key learnings:

  1. Learn design thinking tools that can help you create your unique life
  2. Identify and overcome the mental scripts and circumstances that lead to stagnation
  3. Find the new practical actions that will get you closer to your desired outcome