Design My Team: Re-engineering the way you work together

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Do you know what the most important driver of team performance is? Skills? Personality? Intelligence?

Research shows it is actually the quality of the team’s interactions and whether members felt psychologically safe. In addition to this, research also shows that a team’s awareness of their strengths is more important for engagement and performance than just having those strengths.

How teams work together has changed. How companies will work together in the future is unclear. What is certain? Workplace teamwork will never be the same. But have we been gifted a unique opportunity? Could this be the perfect time to capitalise on the disruption?

Our workshop is less about educating and more about talking. Let’s re-evaluate how we work together and re-invent our team-working patterns for this new era.

This workshop will enable you to start having the conversations required surrounding ways of working in the future. Take the initiative in bringing people closer together. Learn how to challenge ways of working that aren’t working well and identify what can be improved in your team. Funnel down the one change you can make today to boost your work tomorrow.

Key learnings:

  1. Apply design thinking tools that can help you create your best team dynamic
  2. Understand what the short-term and long-term changes are that your team needs
  3. Learn how to narrow down and commit to one alteration to make a meaningful change