Creative Disruption: How to find a better solution by asking a better question

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When so much information is a quick Google or Wikipedia away, the key to innovation is not gathering more data but rather asking more questions—sending companies down unexpected paths of enquiry through ambitious, frame-changing and thought-leading questions. What’s clear is that creativity is king.

A beautiful question makes the imagination race. Simply reframing an issue with a new question forces you to look at it differently, challenge assumptions, and be unashamedly ambitious. A powerful question has a magnetic quality that makes people want to answer, talk about, and work on them. The question is the spark that ignites a fresh streak of unorthodoxy, drama and intrigue. Awaken your ability to explore new perspectives with a fresh perspective on questions – setting your organisation apart from the competition. The right question is problem-solving at its most inspiring.

Utilising the unconscious mind and harnessing your innate curiosity, our session will teach you how to allow your brain to take you by surprise and show you a different possibility. Learn to devote mental energy to noticing insights. Use language and emotions to generate new brain states that can make your mind a sponge for the new. New ideas, new solutions and new perspectives.

Key learnings:

  1. Learn how to ask questions that stimulate creative insights and problem-solving
  2. Gain instant new perspectives on existing problems
  3. Use language to prime your mind and see new possibilities
  4. Upgrade your existing mental models