Courageous Conversations: Dare to step out of your comfort zone

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As we move into a hybrid way of working, are your leaders ready to address complex but delicate problems through conversations? And are your employees comfortable raising challenges?

In the ever-changing climate, courageous conversations around performance, inclusion, return anxiety, wellbeing, mental health or other sensitive topics are what sets successful people apart.

Conversations are what bring us together or pull us apart by breaking morals and fragmenting relationships. Having the right conversation at the right time can help prevent problems from escalating and alchemise conflict into progressive thinking. But, despite the best intentions, unconscious biases and differences in personality and communication styles can often escalate disagreements or create silent tensions that shake the integrity of your team.

Join our Organisational Psychologist to learn how you can break through the hidden barriers that stop you from having courageous conversations. We will explore the psychology behind courageous conversations, what prevents us from opening up, how different people react to sensitive topics and practical tips and strategies to help you navigate any conflict in the new hybrid working model. We will equip you with the tools you need to transform complex topics and redesign these into rewarding conversations.

Key learnings:

  1. Build self-awareness by understanding what stops you from having courageous conversations and how you can change this to navigate difficult interactions better
  2. Understand how to approach courageous conversations with different personality styles
  3. Use emotional agility to have courageous conversations that grow trust, motivation and understanding
  4. How to use the SCARF model to deliver feedback and have tough conversations in a way that enhances the relationship