This session is aimed at Wellbeing & Change Champions

When we look at how change happens organically and sustainably, whether in nature or in organisations, it always happens through a process of osmosis. For hearts, minds, cultures and behaviours to change, organisations must engage those who have the most significant influence over their peers and can reach the hard-to-reach communities.

The role of a champion of change is crucial to shaping your organisation’s vision for the future. They are the people who energise others and help them embrace new ways of being and new ways of doing things.

The most successful champions of change understand the psychology of change and use this insight to create adaptive approaches that make social movements amongst their networks.

Key learnings:

  1. Understand the social psychology of change and make change stick
  2. Learn about the role of peer relationships in helping shift mindsets and encourage new behaviours
  3. Discover how you can influence the direction of change in your organisation by working with systemic forces