Nutrition Myths and Facts for Boosted Immunity: Diet, Lifestyle and Herbal

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Covid-19 is a serious viral infection, and no amount of lifestyle intervention will make you invincible. However, there are plenty of measures we can all take to support our immune systems to minimise the impact on our health, improve resilience and enhance recovery from this or other infections using tools gained in this workshop.

Feel Good works with CNHC-registered Nutritional Therapists who are experts in their field and highly-experienced clinicians. Tune in to hear the latest evidence-based advice on how the right nutrition can make a world of difference to the way you feel.

Key learnings:

  1. Diet & lifestyle hacks to feed a healthy microbiome & optimise immune function
  2. Advice on supplements, herbal remedies and natural immune boosters
  3. What to do if you get symptoms, i.e. essential vitamins & tonics to take