Attention Training: How to maintain focus in a digital world

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Guilty of scrolling away and suddenly 30 minutes have passed? Do you find yourself starting to write an email yet receive another midway through pulling your focus? Today’s digital world is progressing faster and better than ever before. But it could be causing the structure of our brains to change. Research shows that people who frequently use several devices simultaneously have ‘lower grey-matter density,’ resulting in being more susceptible to multitasking situations due to weaker cognitive control and lower socio-emotional regulation.

As humans evolve, we are becoming more adept at scanning and skimming, but we are losing our capacity for concentration and focus. We start googling something specific, are led in a million directions and end up in a cycle of procrastination. Technology is crucial to our work, so we are not suggesting you put yourself through a digital detox. Instead, we can help you gain self-control over such interruptions.

Utilising mindfulness, we’ll teach you how to take a pause. Detach from the constant digital input and gain control over where we put our attention. Mindfulness teaches you to catch the mind as it wanders and return attention to where you intended it to be. Mindful attention training can remodel your brain to regain focus and consequently improve performance at work. In our practical session, you will learn simple techniques to regain control of your attention and step into a future aligned to your potential rather than living by predictable patterns based on the past. Get control of your scrolling and inbox to boost productivity during your working day.

Key learnings:

  1. How to get more out of the working day and overcome distractions to increase productivity
  2. Enhance your mental and emotional processes with increased clarity, stability and focus
  3. Train and strengthen mental muscles to build focus and concentration
  4. Learn to detach from the digital world and remain in the present moment