Adaptability: How to maximise your impact in turbulent times

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Like it or not, change is constant in our workplaces. Change is often accompanied by disruption, instability and uncertainty, which can be unsettling. It can zap your energy, divert your attention, create a blame game or leave you desperately clinging to the status quo. What if you could turn upheavals into positives? What if you played to your strengths rather than attempting to fix your weaknesses?

40% of people surveyed said they focus on fixing weaknesses to create change – we are up against biology – focusing on what is broken rather than what we are good at.

Strengths are patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that come easily to us. They help us perform at our best and enable us to be energised, engaged and excited by what we do. A growing body of research indicates that we feel happier when we develop our strengths. We improve our wellbeing, become less stressed and are generally more satisfied with our lives. Also benefiting the organisation, strengths-focused teams report higher retention, increased productivity and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In our interactive deep dive, you will learn to explore your strengths, de-prioritise weaknesses and manage problems. Learn to enhance identity, self-worth and individual potential. Empower your adaptability for change and growth.

Key learnings:

  1. Identify your top strengths and embed a strengths-based approach to your work
  2. Learn to use strengths to leverage productivity and engagement in your team
  3. Learn how to be adaptable and flexible within an ever-changing environment
  4. Self-awareness and self-discovery of the scope of your strengths