100% Human in a Hybrid World: The loneliness antidote

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Social connection is the glue that holds teams together at times of physical distance. As social creatures, we are wired to connect and we strive to belong. However, creating this connection and getting the best out of teams when leading and working in a hybrid world may not be as straightforward as it seems.

The pandemic shone a light on how important our social wellbeing is. 46% of UK workers said they felt lonely when working from home, with research highlighting that the average number of people we interact with daily halved during lockdowns.

The science of remote work shows us that getting the best out of virtual and blended teams requires an understanding of the dynamics that sit behind how humans work together and co-designing ways of collaborating that get back to the crucial fundamentals of how human groups form and perform.

In the workplace, new models of working have created flexibility but often reduce the opportunities for in-person interaction and relationships. Part-time and flexi working adds to a stream of workers coming and going at different times. Hot desking is now a big part of office culture and an increase in people working from home is also contributing to this isolation. Even working in an open-plan office doesn’t guarantee meaningful connections.

Connection can also help indirectly by enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy while also shifting our experience toward positive emotions — all of which can buffer an individual during stressful situations and have positive effects on health.

Join us for an interactive session that will encourage the skills for relationship mastery so we can come together at work to take on the challenges before us. We must take action now to build the connections that are the foundation of strong companies and strong communities – and ensure wellbeing for all of us.

Key learnings:

  1. Explore the meaning of loneliness and the importance of belonging in the workplace and personal lives
  2. Create a deeper connection between people in your team through shared understanding and a sense of team identity
  3. Establish an inclusive way of working in a hybrid world


Book this workshop for your people

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