Welcome to the Feel Good podcast; a series of inspirational & practical conversations with incredible people in the world of HR and leadership to help you drive positive lasting change in your organisation.

It’s PRIDE month! So today I am saying HELLO to organisational inclusivity expert Nate Shalev. Nate works with brands to develop cultures that are equally inclusive as they are high impact.

Nate is also a LinkedIn Top Voice and regularly discusses their own journey of gender transition, the threats and experiences of trans people across the globe, and so much more. I’ve included a link to their LinkedIn in the episode info so please do give Nate a follow.

In this episode, we explore how organisations can be inclusive in an increasingly conflicted world, intersectionality and neurodiversity, leadership inclusivity, how to tackle your own anxiety around vocabulary and much more.

But first, who is Feel Good? We are a boutique global behaviour change consultancy and strategic thinking partner to the world’s leading brands. We provide evidence-based solutions to organisational challenges around culture, mental health, wellbeing, and much more.


Listen to Episode #1 here with Nathan Andres, Global Wellbeing Leader, The Body Shop.