The Art of Meaningful Progress: Mastering sustainable change

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We all set goals for ourselves. Most of us commit to these goals and might achieve them. But only some of us genuinely hold ourselves accountable to ensure we accomplish the goals we set out to achieve and continue to progress.

Accountability is that essential binding ingredient that will enable your goals to come to fruition. Without exhibiting accountability, we lose a sense of alignment between our thoughts, words and our actions, thus making it harder to achieve meaningful progress in our personal and working lives.

Join us for a 30-minute masterclass with Dr Colin Robertson to understand which beliefs are helping or hindering your progress. Bring with you a work or health-related goal and get to grips with managing your impulses, how to successfully listen to cues from your body and why we might sometimes confuse lack of motivation with tiredness.

Dr Colin Robertson has spent his entire career supporting people to undertake extreme challenges in extreme conditions. From global adventures tackling Everest to rowers crossing the Atlantic ocean to military forces preparing for conflict, Dr Colin Robertson has helped thousands prepare mentally and physically for what challenges await.

His lessons from the frontline form the foundations of how he helps professionals cope and overcome the demands in their lives, sharing real-world practices for accountability and resilience.

Key learnings:

  1. Identify the key obstacles between you and your goals
  2. Understand how to set clear intentions for your next steps
  3. Leave feeling inspired to progress in a sustainable way

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