Intuitive Being: Removing anxiety out of the body

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With busy lives, it is increasingly harder to avoid excess stress. Too many of us live in a constant white-knuckled, jaw-clenched state with our adrenals working overtime—all of which results in stored toxins and blocked energy (or chi). We become physically, mentally, and emotionally tense and depleted.

It’s important to understand that stress is a reaction—we can choose how to react to stressful situations.

Every person deals with and holds stress differently; where you hold yours depends on how your body reacts to the factors that cause stress in the first place—whether that is tightness, stiff joints, tension, trauma, fears, worries, or other symptoms.

We refer to these areas as the “stress containers” because they’re where stress gets stuck and where it literally gets contained within the body. The good news is twofold: We all have the ability to build awareness around how we react or respond to stress, and we can all take steps to eliminate the stress that’s being stored in these “containers” within the body.

Join like-minded colleagues for a 30-minute self-care session that will activate the “being” and intuitive side of our brain, which will help calm and support our more busy thinking side, where we can begin to notice our body’s signs and reduce tension in the body.

Book this workshop for your people

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