Fuel Your Workout: Nutrition to supercharge your workout

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We’re more concerned than ever with maximising our workout efforts and getting the fastest results. Effective workouts demand complete nutrition to help you make the right choices to refuel the body.

You’ve heard the phrase “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet,” and this is the bottom line when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Nutrition and exercise are both important components for losing fat and gaining strength. Nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body composition and physique goals than any other fitness component. So, when a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition is implemented, this is when successful body change happens.

Applying the 80% nutrition to 20% fitness rule is simply a statement of the importance of nutrition in the equation. Therefore, if you want to excel in sports and look good, applying 80% of your focus to eating right is necessary. There is something to “you are what you eat” and how it relates to making positive body changes.

Join our nutritionist for an informative discussion with like-minded colleagues to discuss how we can fuel our workout to perform and look our best.

Book this workshop for your people

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